63 miles

Yesterday was a great ride. The days started out overcast and cooler than it had ever been thus far, perhaps a temperature of 90 degrees. The sun came out mid day but the heat didn’t follow and we did great miles through the rolling hills. The mountains finally seem to be behind us. Good! We thought they would never end. Rain came for an hour at mid day and felt great to cycle through. 63 miles later and only twelve from the trace we found a misty field near a river to camp in, just as darkness set in. Perfect.

Our stealth camp for the night – Tennessee is a beautiful state!

Location:Defeated Creek Rd,Centerville,United States

5 thoughts on “63 miles

  1. Ed Patino

    Great pictures as always!! I am glad to know that you guys are doing well. Keep pedaling! 🙂

  2. Darla Fowler

    Congrats on 63 miles and hitting the Natchez Trace. Tennessee really is beautiful. I love the way the sky looks in the last two shots. Vicki is right, you are looking super fit, Bianca!

    The scenery, the struggles, the reward…the whole experience is indescribable, even though you are trying to with these postings. I know that you are experiencing and feeling way more than you could ever relate to those of us watching. I am grateful for your efforts and filled with joy when I see these snapshots of your many moments.

  3. Vicki Bozzola

    What a beautiful place! Comments seem almost gratuitous. (Yes, I know what it means.)

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