After days

After days without any AT&T& service ( we could make a fine Verizon commercial!) we are at a small gas station with the miracle of cellular service. We’ve done 48 miles so far today through the rolling hills of western Kentucky on a beautiful but hot, hot Sunday and we have about 15 more to go. It seems like we are out of our energy slump, finally.

It has been an adventuresome few days – I will let Bianca fill in the details later ….. But here are a few photos first of the last few days.

Abe Lincon’s boyhood home.

Great accommodations found accidentally, as usual

Bianca shucked corn

Pizza was the prize! Delicious!

Location:Calhoun,United States

2 thoughts on “After days

  1. Darla Fowler

    BEAUTIFUL pictures. Looks like Bianca earned her keep with the corn shucking. That looks so tasty. Takes me back to my childhood as well. Sigh…

    Honest Abe’s boyhood home seems not to have aged a day. I can’t wait to hear more about the adventures.

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