Almost in Houston!

Houston, Tennessee that is! We hope there is good food there because we’ve run out of everything food wise except for munchies! Yesterday we managed to outrun a storm, and we were happy that we wouldn’t have to go to bed wet. Mother nature had other plans for us because not even five minutes before we arrived at the Witch Dance campground, it started pouring. Other than that, things were pretty normal, albeit a bit hectic, in the good ole city Tupelo. Dad hated the traffic, but it was nice to have such a variety of food to choose from! We cashed in five donuts, bringing our total at the end of the trip down to 31- but all in a good day’s work!

Location:Natchez Trace Pkwy,Houston,United States

2 thoughts on “Almost in Houston!

  1. Darla Fowler

    Ha Ha! Almost got me there. For a second, I thought: “Are they hitching rides at this point?” Glad that you escaped the downpour and you got some of the donuts. Stay safe.

  2. Vicki Bozzola

    How many 12-year-olds can use the word “albeit”–correctly!–in a sentence? In fact, immersed as I am in grading an avalanche of research papers, I can attest that few adults can do so! Kudos to the always articulate Bianca. 🙂

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