Dry but Rolling!

Crossing a bridge just before finding a dirt road to spend the night.

Bianca was right …. Texas is NOT flat, at least here where we are here in the East I didn’t believe her, but then I am still reeling from the disappointment of crossing the border with no one standing there waiting to hand me my complimentary gun, cowboy hat and large belt buckle. That was just a joke? Now I feel slightly under dressed with my spandex and no cowboy boots. Yeah, not quite fitting in!
We both agree though that we like these kind of rolling hills better than the flats of Louisiana. It feels good to push ourselves.

The air is noticeably drier as well. That is a welcome change from the constant dampness that we have been cycling in this whole trip. My pants here show just how much fun we are having and the whole unexpected glamour of it all. That is the dried salt from today’s light mileage ride. Yes we have fun like this every day. 🙂

Spooky or neat? Can’t decide, but it is very interesting architecture.

Location:Texas 90,Anderson,United States

8 thoughts on “Dry but Rolling!

  1. Ed Patino

    Great to know you guys are doing great! wow! what a great adventure. I enjoy every single post and picuture, I sure will miss them 🙁 Bianca riding on the sunset over a bridge, definitely my favorite picture!!!

  2. Gary and Valerie bounds

    so this is Saturday and do not know the progress made, share with us please where you are , i am from tx and did not know about alot of these places

  3. Brad

    I should make some witty Texas Cowboy comment about the sunset. “Brave Bianca, Riding Off Into the Sunset!” Pavel, I always new you were a salty dog!!!

  4. Carmie Scarpitti

    I just read through your blog, mostly backwards. What an absolutely wonderful trip!

  5. Cheryl

    Bianca and Pavel, I am in total awe of your journey. I work with Vicki, and she shared your blog with me. I’ve been following you every few days. Your quips and magnificent photographs give me a window into your expedition – that I can’t even begin to imagine, yet you help me to. Many things you have written have caused me to pause with either a chuckle or a wow!, but the one I possibly loved the most was, “This is much too soon for our wonderful trip to be over!” You inspire me to embrace life.

  6. Gary and Valerie bounds

    love the pics keep them coming ,love knowing what you both are up to ,the salt on the pants is what we experience daily around here , except on our shirts keep on rolling safely

  7. Vicki Bozzola

    Let’s see . . . where to begin. It was a little difficult figuring out the salt-on-pants shot on my iPhone. 🙂 My main question about that shot: What happened to your ARM? Of course, like everyone else, I love the postcard shot of the sun setting over the lake, but I love the foreboding clouds settling over the Grimes County Courthouse. Take care, and enjoy.

  8. Darla Fowler

    Ha Ha! You have many miles to go before you get to the part of Texas that is flat. I saw a guy with a cowboy hat and a large belt buckle (no gun on the hip) when I first crossed the border of Texas, but he didn’t give them to me!

    It was 104 in this part of Texas today so please be careful. I vote “neat” on that last shot. But, then again, I like creepy cool things.

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