Jackson MS

We are in Jackson MS now after a nice 67 mile ride. Now we have to find a place to camp for the night as there are no official places on the trace and we don’t want to spring for a motel.
Only two, perhaps three more days on the trace and then onto Louisiana for the next section ( and more donuts!)

The old French Camp. We had a great lunch -they make their own sourdough bread every day -Yum!!

This little fellow was a few feet off of the side of the roa,d oblivious to the world, digging happily for lunch. He let us get to five feet from him.

Mile 1500! Where do those miles go?!

And now to celebrate – with a few more miles, what else.

Location:Old Canton Rd,Ridgeland,United States

3 thoughts on “Jackson MS

  1. Dan Wood


    I have been following your adventures and posts with every roll of your wheels. You’re both doing a marvelous job on the riding, and you have my admiration for a first-rate blog and ride journal! It takes real discipline to sit down and write up the day’s events after putting in so much effort, and you’re doing great.

    Please tell your Dad Pavel hi for me, and also that I’m really proud of him, too.

    Well done, you two! Well done, indeed!

    All the best, Dan.
    (Global Moderator, Thorn Cycles Forum,

  2. Darla Fowler

    1500 miles. I cannot stop staying WOW! You amaze me, Bianca. What a neat surprise to see a Mississippi armadillo. You will see more as you head further this way.

  3. Vicki Bozzola

    I couldn’t let you down, Bianca! All together now (with sincere apologies to G. F. Handel):

    “Arrrr-ma-dillo! Arrrr-ma-dillo! Armadillo! Armadillo! Arma-dii-ii-ii-ll0!”

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