Not So Dry County

Yesterday we made good progress, our total mileage was 68.2! Slightly after dusk we arrived at a campground for cyclists and, boy was it beautiful! Unfortunately we woke up too late (That’s a shocker!) to get good misty photos of the site, but this shows what we awoke to:

We made it to Alabama! I had a bit of a crash and skinned my knee pretty badly, hopefully the swelling will go down! Just incase, once we get to Tupelo (7 miles away!) we’re going to take a half day rest.

We had a nice hearty breakfast of gummy worms and oatmeal and puttered around to the next restaurant.

Out of the several Mexican restaurants we’ve been to, three were in a dry county and the one we went to for lunch today was one of them. Dad kept hoping and praying for a wet county, and I guess he got what he wanted because around three in the afternoon we got caught in a bad thunderstorm that didn’t let up until almost 4:30, and even then we cycled through the rain. There were quite a few priceless moments that we couldn’t capture, but it was a beautiful ride.

1,234 miles down, 750 to go! Time flies much to quickly!

We did the math, and by the end of this trip I will have 36 donuts!

Dad finally got his “wet county” at the absolute BEST Mexican restaurant we’ve been to! We had a wonderful sampler platter with a warm strawberry daiquiri cheesecake. Mmm, Mmm, good!

And, of course, dad got his beer.

Location:Turner Park Rd,Saltillo,United States

One thought on “Not So Dry County

  1. Darla Fowler

    Over 1200 miles and this is your first skinned/bumped knee? I say that’s pretty good considering some of the treacherous inclines and speeds you have already been through.

    Hmmm, gummy worms and oatmeal. Thinking about the combined texture of those two food products, well, it’s the gummy worms that would be problematic for me. Ewww. Whatever it takes to keep you fueled. So, the donuts are to be consumed when the trip is over? I thought they were being eaten along the way. Ha ha, you will be in sugar heaven.

    I understand the relief at finding a wet county. I would have celebrated by having 2 beers, but then you would have to count me out for the rest of the day. Rest well and you can do the remaining 750 miles. Time flies, yes, and I know you are enjoying your trip, but I am looking forward to seeing you when the time comes.

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