Change of plans. Between the fact that two of the roads we’ve tried we’re too dangerous to ride into Austin on due to, we think, too many drivers of dualies who seem to feel that it is their constitutional right to not have to share the road with strange and slow vehicles and the fact that all of moms friends have left town so dad can’t get a place to camp out cheaply – we are changing plans. We are close to Austin but we don’t want the trip to end yet. So we are going to camp and be bums for a few days more. Thursday, probably, we will call it a day and invite friends and family to some as of yet unknown restaurant for a celebration and then we will officially hand up our cycling cleats. Until the? We don’t really know – but we’re sure it will be fun as hobos for a while longer! 🙂

The Mexican food, btw, is fantastic, round here!!

5 thoughts on “Re-route

  1. Vicki Bozzola

    Confession: I was so discombobulated by the apostrophes that I completely missed Bianca guarding the bicycles on the side of the store. 🙂

  2. Darla Fowler

    Yes, it does depend on what roads you ride into Austin on. There are a few on “dualies” ’round here who think roads were built for them alone, but most vehicles give the cyclists a wide berth. I definitely want you to stay safe.

    Thanks for letting us know the change of plans. You never know what other encounters you might have in these final days.

  3. Gary and Valerie bounds

    i am so glad to hear yall are there(well close) i really hope Pavel that you keep posting as long as you are away from the Corolinas.I am so in awe of the trip you and Bianca made,I actually envy that you set your minds to something so great and achieved it together

  4. Vicki Bozzola

    Sounds like a great plan to me! I am missing the GPS link, though; are you afraid of encountering a posse? Speaking (loosely) of law enforcement, where are the apostrophe police when you red them? 🙂

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