Signs of Louisiana

Always wondered why they mention this place so much!


Flat, flat and more flat.

Louisiana has many churches – all with extra character

Flat, flat, flat – yeay!

Is that a hill up ahead!?

One can disappear in some of the cracks

Time of the signs

Our favorite hobby, in fact the whole motivator …. FOOD!

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4 thoughts on “Signs of Louisiana

  1. Darla Fowler

    I love the pictures of these signs! You can always tell the personality of a place by their signs. My favorite anti-littering state slogan is Mississippi’s: Pick it up, Mississippi. That slogan means they assume that the people have already thrown it out and they want them to pick it back up.

    But Louisiana, well not only are they telling them what not to do with words, they have pictorial representations of the rules, just in case the public can’t or won’t read a sign.

    Since Vicki already looked up the church history (absolutely a treasure trove), I wanted to see what Heck! Industries was about. It’s a family owned concrete business with the last name of Heck opened since 1957. According to their website, they have over 100 Mack trucks in operation around Louisiana and when someone calls for a job, they say “Heck yea, we can do that!”

    Those cracks with the tar squigglies are in our neighborhood as well, but it doesn’t look that bad, yet!

  2. Vicki Bozzola

    I looked up the Church of the Little Flower based on your picture, and I found a treasure trove of information that reminded me of what you love about Shorpy’s. There were few pictures, but several church members and other townspeople wrote stories of their lives in the little towns of Evergreen and Bunkie, Louisiana. One former school teacher told about the flu epidemic of 1918 that close down her school for her senior year, a fire that burned down the school when she became a teacher, a sick woman who said she would stay around until All Saints’ Day ink 1928–and who died on that very day. What a journey through history was inspired by that one beautiful photo.

  3. Vicki Bozzola

    What an enchanting place; the church is another of my favorite scenes so far. Even if I agree with the fast police there in Ville Platte, I’m a little skeptical of the constitutionality of legislating how people wear their pants (and I didn’t even know out had a name). Finally, what kind of sandwich is that?

    1. Vicki Bozzola

      I meant to say the taste police. I don’t how fast they have to be to chase guys with the crotch of their pants down to their knees. 🙂

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