Southern Hospitality

Yesterday we fell short by 10 miles, so we didn’t make it to the campsite. But we found something much better– showers and a bed! We stopped at a Mexican restaurant and met a man named Donny Marrs who ate dinner with us and covered the cost! But the Southern hospitality didn’t stop there, he and his wife also let us spend the night in their guest room and have nice warm showers!

the largest bean bag I’ve ever seen!

I love the red and white walls!

We also are in the Hays County Newspaper check us out here! Dad isn’t too happy about being mentioned, but it is a well balanced article.
I personally love everything about it! Kim is a great Author and she made me feel less nervous when she interviewed me. The only error is we are actually traveling 2,250 miles. So far we’ve done 2,018!

The morning smileage – hey that’s the year we are in! 🙂

Location:Church St,Coldspring,United States

3 thoughts on “Southern Hospitality

  1. Gary and Valerie bounds

    so glad to hear yall are enjoying southern hospitality,and really glad to hear yall are still going ,keep up the good work at making wonderful memories . I also enjoyed the article in the Hayes Press.The bean bag shot was priceless Bianca looked really comfortable even tho she was twisted like a pretzel.I love reading the progress made by both of you.Keep it up

    your friends GARY and VALERIE BOUNDS

  2. Vicki Bozzola

    I agree with your mom about the day’s “smile age.” Perhaps that’s a measurement we should all start keeping track of.

    Bianca, you look absolutely beautiful (Budaful?) in that photo sitting on the bed–a poised and sophisticated young lady.

    I am very moved by the generosity of spirit you have encountered along the road. I would imagine that your interactions with your various benefactors have given you a uniquely positive perspective on the human race.

  3. Darla Fowler

    Hey! That has to be the largest bean bag I have ever seen too! So glad that you took a picture so we could see how big it is. I am so happy that you met Mr. Marrs and that he opened his home to you.

    I agree with you, Bianca. I think the article is well-balanced. The pictures in print are in color and look really nice. I will be sending copies in the mail very soon to all of the special ones. Love the morning “smileage.” Looking forward to seeing you soon and giving you a really long, tight hug with kisses on top.

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