3 thoughts on ““The Long Way Home”

  1. Brad

    Congratulations! Pavel, you look like you have lost a ton of weight! Not so sure about the hairy chin thing though! I am proud of you both also. Bianca looks like an athlete! I have showed this site to all my classes and colleagues. You have many people rooting for you!

  2. Darla Fowler

    Yes! Yes! Congratulations! I am so glad that I checked before heading to bed. Reni and I are so happy and proud of you. Reni says that she loves you and has missed you.

    That’s a mighty big waffle you got there. Looks very tasty. As for the big sign, well it’s been said a million times, but of course, everything is bigger in Texas.

    Seeing that Welcome to Texas sign is different from your perspective now. On a bicycle, not in a car. Just, wow. Your little legs have carried you 1900 miles and will take you even farther. In more ways than one.

    I love you.

  3. Vicki Bozzola

    Bianca, how do you look so good . . . but your companion looks like cock-a doodle-Dad? After sending you my first text message as congratulation, I hardly know how to say anything more significant to express how proud I am of both of you. When I got your message, I was in the office at school, and the math teacher, Ilona, began jumping up and down to celebrate your accomplishment. She has been rooting for you all along the way.

    We’ll be counting the miles with you. Be safe, and enjoy every minute of your last few days in the road.

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