Y’can’t alway get what ya want

As the song says – You can’t always get what you want. But sometimes, never mind whatcha need – You simply luck into far, far more!! 🙂

We rode a nice 74 miles, flat first and then with increasing hilliness. The temperature was a cool 93 today and as the day ended I had the thought “this is what its all about!”

And THEN…. We got the unexpected teepee!

$15 dollars, special rate for cyclists…… Who care about “whatcha need”. 🙂

One day’s ride to the Texas border. We’ve earned a days rest. Make that two!

Location:Wren Rd,DeRidder,United States

2 thoughts on “Y’can’t alway get what ya want

  1. Darla Fowler

    Oh that is amazing! I love the teepee! I think you have earned a couple of days rest, although, it’s really exciting that you are only a day’s ride from Texas. I can hardly wait!

    I love surprises like that on road trips. That is what makes the road trip worthwhile. For those who think there is nothing new left under the sun, well they aren’t looking. They must be blind. Exploration is a purpose in life, well it’s one of my main purposes.

    I am giddy with happiness for the two of you. How lucky you both are! Oh, oh, oh, it looks soooo cozy!

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