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  1. Blake torrence

    Well hey there you 2 ! It was an honor to meet you and your dad in the little store ( Clint’s grocery) in Anderson, Texas. My son and I had just finished with our 18 holes on the golf course when I stopped in there to grab a bite to eat. I couldn’t help but notice a young girl sweating like she had just ran a marathon so I had to inquire. I just wanted to tell y’all that I was amazed at the journey that you and your father were enduring. I couldn’t help but think about all the things I have and haven’t done with my kids. Bianca, this is a very special time with your dad. I’m sure you already have an idea of what this really means but As you get older these memories will glow even more. This trip was more than just a bike ride, it was a test on many different levels. Wow! Is all I can say. It was great to sit and chat with you if only for a small moment in time. Take care and God bless you always. Blake Torrence.

  2. valerie and gary bounds

    Just left yall at village creek it was really a great visit we had with you both.Please be very careful in your journey to Austin .It is a wonderful privilege to get to meet people such as youPpavel and Bianca.You will never forget this wonderful journey the two of yall took one summer. Hope the people did not keep you up or bother you if so just call us we will be there.Have a great and wonderful time .hope to keep in touch

  3. Laurel

    Hello Bianca and dad,
    Nice to meet you two the other day outside of the produce store. Have a great trip! Enjoy your ride to Austin. Hope you are staying somewhat dry today. We are camped out in a coffee shop waiting for the drops to slow a little. On to Radford today.

    Laurel and Jameson

    1. bld

      We are slightly damp, but we found a great church with a sheltered picnic area in the back. We checked out your blog, it looks great! It’s amazing all the places you two have been.
      Happy cycling,

  4. Reni

    You guys are having more fun than
    I am!!! I wish i could be exploring right now instead of summer school! Mom mhas been thinking about going to visit Georgetown, home of the best doughnuts in Texas! Maybe July 20th!

    1. bld

      Well, as long as we can go up there when I’m around- its ok! I’d love to be able to eat some scrumptious donuts! Just talking about them makes me think of the Donut Palace and their wonderful Kolaches!

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