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The day before yesterday we stayed at a corner store for the night! The man who owns it, Arnold, gives bikers a place to stay and delicious food to eat. Even though the pizza was dropped twice. Extra protein! The pictures of me surrounded by corn are right on their farm! We helped pick, shuck, and package corn straight from the plant! We didn’t get to see Arnold’s wife and daughter because the were away in New Zealand for the month. Oh well, on the next trip!


Location:Calhoun,United States

Not dead yet!

No, we’re not dead. We just have had horrible service, and apparently we aren’t the only ones! We stopped at the most AMAZING hostel ever, in Hindman. That’s what the pictures we posted a few days ago of the food was from. We met several interesting people! Joe, a few people’s names I can’t remember, John, and Marcio. They all have blogs and I am going to post links to them later, except for Marcio. His is in Portugese so…

Our trip odometer is currently at 654 miles! Today started out absoloutely horrible, but we did arrive in Berea. As I’m writing this, I am sitting at El Rio Grande, eating sopapillas(sp?) to my heart’s content! The restaurant’s about to close, and the waiter is giving me the evil eye, so goodbye for now!


Poor Bottom Freewill Baptist Church

We woke up today with happy thoughts and a good vibe. We had camped outside of a church and it was great! We got to air everything out, and made yummy pancakes!
As we pedaled on, it got rainier and rainier. It wasn’t bad so we continued through it- and crossed into Kentucky! After a while, we got wetter and wetter so we decided to look for a place to stay the night. Preferably something with a shelter, considering it was still raining.
We came upon Poor Bottom Freewill Baptist Church and were instantly invited in for their summer camp dinner. It was delicious! We feasted on vegetable soup with cornbread and peanutbutter and syrup sandwiches (a Kentucky favorite)
We met some very interesting people, one I just loved listening to him talk about his experience in the Vietnam and Cold war. I learnt quite a bit, but it was through his own opinion so it wasn’t just a boring little history lesson.
Now here we are- with our sleeping bags on the (dry!)floor, resting our tired bodies. Tody has been a favorite- for everyone involved.

Stealthily Camping!

Stealth Camping- who doesn’t love it? You save money for the more important things in life (food!) and it is nice to discover little places behind the big city. Plus it gives you a bit of an adrenaline rush.
We are stealth camping behind a church. It’s not the best spot, but it sure beats spending $40! We will actually have to get up early considering it’s also a track, but we need to anyways!

Pictures to come,


Location:Boozy Creek Rd,Bristol,United States