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More pix

Fudge and an ice cream shake!

Steeper than it looks!

Yesterday’s surprise free camping spot. We ate at a great small town diner and when at dusk we walked out there were two old gents sitting on the bench outside. One of them mentioned that he had seen our bikes parked outside there and so they waited until we came out – and showed us this spot a mile from the eatery. Wow, now that is the best of small town life!

The head hand

Noon break

Corn everywhere!

And the corny

Location:College St,Calhoun,United States

After days

After days without any AT&T& service ( we could make a fine Verizon commercial!) we are at a small gas station with the miracle of cellular service. We’ve done 48 miles so far today through the rolling hills of western Kentucky on a beautiful but hot, hot Sunday and we have about 15 more to go. It seems like we are out of our energy slump, finally.

It has been an adventuresome few days – I will let Bianca fill in the details later ….. But here are a few photos first of the last few days.

Abe Lincon’s boyhood home.

Great accommodations found accidentally, as usual

Bianca shucked corn

Pizza was the prize! Delicious!

Location:Calhoun,United States


We were told that the hills would be gone by this point. One thing that we have learned was that car drivers don’t seem to notice hills! Which are the hill free states I wonder – because that is where I’d like to be already! 🙂

Made it! Hill number 642. It sure does beat the mountains, however.

The day was cut short by a scarier than normal early evening thunder shower. This one lasted most of the night and ended the day at mile 28, the lowest so far.

Today was going to be a fairly boring, if at least average, day. Emphasis on was.
We were just cycling along, ate, cycled a bit more, ate- the norm. Then we saw dark clouds and lightning and decided to be paranoid, so we asked a gentleman if we could camp in his yard. He let us stay in his garage and all that jazz, and not even five minutes later it started pouring! Not just your typical rainy-day mess, the kind that could potentially cause floods. We’re very lucky to have been allowed to stay!

We were with the whole gang, but we got lost and are about a day behind now. Good news is we got our laundry and cleaned up a bit! The guys were bound to get ahead of us anyways, we aren’t the fastest peddlers!

We took this one of the whole group (plus Dave, our absolutely wonderful host!) off of Marcio’s blog.
If you understand Portuguese check out his blog!

More pictures to come!

Following in their Footsteps

It seems every place we stop at, we’re a few miles behind the rest of the gang! Right now we’re at the Blue Moon Cafe which, according to the waitress, one British and two “barely bald” guys were at last night. Sounds about right!
We are only a few days away from being out of Kentucky and a third of the trip is done!


Rules of the Road

Yesterday wasn’t anything special- just one of those days that eventually blends into another. It wasn’t the best, we had a breakfast that lasted until 1:00 pm and pretty much bonked until about 4:00.
Rule #1: Never trust a motorist.

We learnt that the hard way, when a restaurant that is ” less than half a mile” turns out to be 4 miles away.

Rule #2: Never eat just Frenchfries for lunch, even if you really aren’t hungry.
Yeah, even it IS a large.

Rule #3: Wear sunblock! Doesn’t matter if you just got a nice tan.

If you couldn’t tell, these are all what we did wrong yesterday. I’m sure it’ll be better today! Hopefully.


Loving the Downhills

I am so glad that last night we camped where we did, because not even a mile into today’s trip we faced a mini “Stuart”. We spent two hours barely pedaling and pushing up continuos, steep hills. We finally reached the downhills and, well, here are the happy pictures!

And then the reward;