Almost in Houston!

Houston, Tennessee that is! We hope there is good food there because we’ve run out of everything food wise except for munchies! Yesterday we managed to outrun a storm, and we were happy that we wouldn’t have to go to bed wet. Mother nature had other plans for us because not even five minutes before we arrived at the Witch Dance campground, it started pouring. Other than that, things were pretty normal, albeit a bit hectic, in the good ole city Tupelo. Dad hated the traffic, but it was nice to have such a variety of food to choose from! We cashed in five donuts, bringing our total at the end of the trip down to 31- but all in a good day’s work!

Location:Natchez Trace Pkwy,Houston,United States


Last night we headed out of the wonderful Mexican restaurant and met three people who couldn’t get over how far we were going! We chatted a bit and then hopped on the bikes to squeeze in a few extra miles. Our 72 mile day brought us right inside Tupelo, and that is where we are heading for some good food and a bit of rest! Apparently Elvis was born in Tupelo so we are going to visit his house which, according to many people, is so small that you take a step in, look to the left, then to the right, and the tour is over! Maybe we can steal some of his magical mojo while we’re here!

Location:County Road 653,Saltillo,United States

Not So Dry County

Yesterday we made good progress, our total mileage was 68.2! Slightly after dusk we arrived at a campground for cyclists and, boy was it beautiful! Unfortunately we woke up too late (That’s a shocker!) to get good misty photos of the site, but this shows what we awoke to:

We made it to Alabama! I had a bit of a crash and skinned my knee pretty badly, hopefully the swelling will go down! Just incase, once we get to Tupelo (7 miles away!) we’re going to take a half day rest.

We had a nice hearty breakfast of gummy worms and oatmeal and puttered around to the next restaurant.

Out of the several Mexican restaurants we’ve been to, three were in a dry county and the one we went to for lunch today was one of them. Dad kept hoping and praying for a wet county, and I guess he got what he wanted because around three in the afternoon we got caught in a bad thunderstorm that didn’t let up until almost 4:30, and even then we cycled through the rain. There were quite a few priceless moments that we couldn’t capture, but it was a beautiful ride.

1,234 miles down, 750 to go! Time flies much to quickly!

We did the math, and by the end of this trip I will have 36 donuts!

Dad finally got his “wet county” at the absolute BEST Mexican restaurant we’ve been to! We had a wonderful sampler platter with a warm strawberry daiquiri cheesecake. Mmm, Mmm, good!

And, of course, dad got his beer.

Location:Turner Park Rd,Saltillo,United States

63 miles

Yesterday was a great ride. The days started out overcast and cooler than it had ever been thus far, perhaps a temperature of 90 degrees. The sun came out mid day but the heat didn’t follow and we did great miles through the rolling hills. The mountains finally seem to be behind us. Good! We thought they would never end. Rain came for an hour at mid day and felt great to cycle through. 63 miles later and only twelve from the trace we found a misty field near a river to camp in, just as darkness set in. Perfect.

Our stealth camp for the night – Tennessee is a beautiful state!

Location:Defeated Creek Rd,Centerville,United States

Hotel California

In the previous pictures we were at the Southernaire Motel and Restaurant. We can now relate to the song “Hotel California”. I’m not sure if we were just tired, or if that place is enchanted with some mysterious magic, but either way we did not want to leave! They have a good restaurant with amazing green beans and bagels! We had planned on staying just a night and leaving around noon the next day (for a half day of rest) but, no one chooses the length of their stay at the “Hotel California”! We wound up staying two nights, and we didn’t want to leave even after a 12 hour snooze! The privilege of being cold during the summer is a wonderful thing- and will be missed!

Until next time,

Hotel California

Hotel life. After cycling day after day in 100+ heat, which is like sticking ones face into an oven and doing push ups, the little things in life, such as ice, air conditioning and a BED, are certainly a pleasure. We suffer to better enjoy, it would seem!
Almost couldn’t leave.

Is it he angle, or have Bianca’s legs grown, – or both? Watching a bit of the Olympics.

Can’t have relaxation forever so early in the morning – back in the saddle! We are close to the Natches Trace, which reputedly is bicycling heaven, all 450+ miles of it. We should be on the trace late tomorrow.

Location:Waverly Plaza,Waverly,United States


( We tried to meek this post two days ago from the tent during an intense thunderstorm but couldn’t make it work – since then we spent a day and a half at a charming old fashioned motel in the Tennessee mountains and feel much refreshed)

We made it a few hundred feet into Tennessee on that strip of land known as ” the land between the lakes” and managed to pitch the tent before the black clouds made it look like the end of the world. The rain was intense but short and the drop in temperature is surely welcome to us as the rain is to the local farmers.

Here are a few shots from the day. We met some great people today and the ride, though still more hilly was so pretty that our spirits were high the whole day. 🙂

Location:Mary Dr,Murray,United States


Crossing the bridge that takes us there!

We made it!

Got lost and found a pea gravel road! It was really nice other than my skinny tires going all over the place.

Why so serious?

For some reason, this photo reminds me of one of the Seven Dwarves from Snow White..
My name shall be Winky!

1,000 Miles

Just ignore the moving average!

Drenched in sweat, but still happy!

We got our 1,000 miles in! And, of course, we stopped to take a picture and a very nice man, Hubcap’s the name, stopped and gave us ice cold water! Right at our 1000 mile mark!
Thanks much!



Location:N Main St,Marion,United States

The day before yesterday we stayed at a corner store for the night! The man who owns it, Arnold, gives bikers a place to stay and delicious food to eat. Even though the pizza was dropped twice. Extra protein! The pictures of me surrounded by corn are right on their farm! We helped pick, shuck, and package corn straight from the plant! We didn’t get to see Arnold’s wife and daughter because the were away in New Zealand for the month. Oh well, on the next trip!


Location:Calhoun,United States