A hilly day

The hills are starting to make us fondly remember the good ol’ days, two days ago, when there were flat roads as well. They still are not too bad, and Bianca was a match for most of them throughout the 44 mile day.

Everything about our trip so far has been very eventful. Not necessarily in a bad way, but still a bit on the strange side. Two nights ago we had a horrible storm, the wind knocked over several trees- and 4 people went to Emergency Room. But it did provide great fire wood. The trees I mean, not the people.

We probably would’ve panicked quite a bit if it wasn’t for the lovely neighbors we had at the campground (Lake Hyco). They had a RV, so they invited us in until the storm blew over. Thank god for that!

The view

This bicycle thang is not as tough as I was worried about – on a REST day! 😉

This is my current view as we ride out the one hundred humid degree heat. Hot but not unbearable due to the efforts of the relief fairy. Thanks Vicki! Never mind technology …. ICE is mankinds greatest invention!!!

Well, better get back to things!

Location:Kelly Brewer Rd,,United States


One thing that could (and did) stop us from leaving on Tuesday wasn’t in fact rain, sleet, snow, or hail! It was because we hadn’t finished packing. Silly us. But now here we are, leaving at the crack of noon.

– This was mistyped on my iPhone!

Location:Selma, NC